Livin Lite’s CampLite Truck Campers

Livin Lite’s CampLite Truck Campers

Livin Lite is fast becoming one of my favorite RV manufacturers. They have come a long way since their humble beginning building the innovative Quick Silver Tent Trailer. They extended that concept to truck campers and now make a full blown hard sided yet very light-weight truck camper.

As with all Livin Lite RVs the truck campers are an aluminum and composite construction. Altogether there are four models of Livin Lite’s CampLite truck campers available to fit a variety of trucks including the 5.7 model for trucks like Ford Ranger or Chevrolet S10. The 5.7 model weighs in starting at only 950 lbs and packs many of the same amenities seen in larger truck campers.

For short-bed half ton trucks the 6.8 model is designed to fit into a 6’6” bed with no overhang and have ALL the amenities of larger truck campers.

The other two models are the 8.5 and 10.0 designed for full sized short bed trucks and full sized long bed trucks.

Check out the gallery below, for more information on the Livin Lite truck campers visit the Livin Lite web site.

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