PopupGizmos Solar Covers

PopupGizmos Solar Covers

PopupGizmos Solar Covers are one of the most popular products available for pop-up campers. The multi-layered polyethylene material is coated on one side with pure aluminum. An additional clear poly film protects the aluminum coating. Applied to the bunk ends with the aluminum side up, they help to keep the interior cooler in the summer by reflecting over 90% of the suns radiant heat away from the canvas.  While cooling is the most frequent use for the gizmos, you can also turn them over to help reflect the heat back into the camper for those cooler nights or winter camping.

The covers come in three flavors, original, high-wind and super high-wind and include the necessary clips or bungees (depending on model) to attach the covers to the bunk ends. The covers come two to a set, however, for pop-ups with slide-outs or hybrids with a third bunks an extra cover can be ordered.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s web site, www.popupgizmos.com.

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