Propane Safety

Propane Safety

PopUp Times Staff Report

Propane is often the RVer’s fuel of choice for cooking, heating and refrigeration. Inexpensive and convenient to use, this potentially dangerous substance should not be taken for granted. Propane, especially in liquid form, should be treated with the same respect one has for gasoline. It’s incredibly flammable, prone to leak, and, unlike gasoline, under extreme pressure.
Here are some important safe-handling tips to remember:

  • Always transport cylinders secured in an upright position with the service valve closed
  • Keep away from heat sources and do not smoke while handling or transporting propane cylinders
  • Never store in an enclosed area, including houses, garages, sheds, pop ups or tents. Do not leave in a trunk for any longer than a trip to the refueling station. Dismount the cylinder when parking your camper in a garage
  • Make sure you have a propane alarm installed in your pop up, near the floor. (Propane is heavier than air.)
  • Periodically check for leaks by applying a soapy leak-detection solution (one part liquid dish soap to five parts water) to the connections. NEVER use a flame
  • If you smell a gas leak in or around your pop up, immediately turn off gas valve. Do nothing to cause a spark. Extinguish any open flames, cigarettes, etc. Leave area and allow gas to dissipate. Unless a leak can be fixed by tightening a loose connection, call a propane repairperson to take care of the problem
  • When using unvented propane equipment, such as a catalytic heater, a window must be open so fresh air can enter to replenish the oxygen. Never use the galley range (or a propane heater not designed for indoor use) to heat the pop up
  • Those who run their refrigerator on propane while traveling must be sure to turn the pilot light off before fueling their vehicle
  • Remember that some tunnels in the US require propane valves to be turned off before entering. Others do not allow cylinders of propane at all. Call the offices of tourism of the states you wish to visit to familiarize yourself with their laws

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